“The Helderberg Escarpment: A Herpetofaunal Hot Spot” on 2-10, at 2pm (Thacher Visitor Center)

The Helderbergs provide a diverse assortment of wildlife habitats including limestone cliffs, small caves, steep, forested talus slopes, headwater streams, and extensive wetlands complexes.  Alvin Breisch, NYS DEC Amphibian and Reptile Specialist (retired), has surveyed the Helderberg Escarpment area and identified the occurrence of 21 amphibian and 12 reptile species. This diversity ranks the Helderberg area as one of the most significant herpetofaunal areas in the state. Breisch’s latest book: The Snake and the Salamander: Amphibians and Reptiles from Maine to Virginia will be available to purchase. Call 518-872-0800 for more information.

Saturday, February 10, at 2pm at Thacher Visitor Center